We create dedicated internet systems/applications as well as blueprint and implement web shops with comprehensive configuration of orders and products. We integrate data systems automating data exchange processes by linking web sites with software utilized in client’s company. Finally, we design web sites/portals based on our own original solutions.
Do you require a system tailored to your individual needs? Universal solutions doesn’t provide the right level of usability? Do you have an unusual idea for your site? …
DOTBEK will design and implement the internet system that will satisfy all your needs!
DOTBEK comprises of enthusiasts with years of experience in development of comprehensive and innovative web solutions for the most demanding clients.
  • What are the costs? Each project is calculated individually.
  • Do you create web designs for external modules? At the moment we are concentrating mainly on complete solutions and do not provide graphic designs for external systems.
  • Will I be able to update individually all the information included on my site? We provide such solutions. We own our genuine content management system (CMS) which can be implemented to the ordered web site/portal.